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TheBritishAreComing What's your super hero name? Comic books BerkaDerka BubblesAndSuch TheBritishAreComing CowsGoMooALot HodorLebowski
umbrena Anyone got any good recommendations for a webcomic? Comic books Jax101 BubblesAndSuch fred0ne
umbrena Who is your favourite super hero and why? Comic books ahmed92 fred0ne dogsarethebest
FrogginBullfish Send Thanos Infinity War memes. Kthx Comic books toinanbe
Jax101 What are some online web comics that you keep up with? Comic books AdmVonSchneider ImTheWalrus thekamikazekid fred0ne kaminaljuyu
blackjackrobo Which do you guys prefer? marvel or DC? Comic books TheSire Phalcone42 fred0ne Tophatcrows Kisi
chickenlordbawk What have you enjoyed about Sosa so far? Comic books Thilarim thederpypug slimySumoCow cyanm 101KushUps
TheBritishAreComing If you could be any animal with any super power what would you be and what... Comic books cyanm BookGoblinz Anonymous thederpypug MrWobbly
TheBritishAreComing What would your super hero name be? Comic books ICouldBeCatWoman Anonymous Atomic15 cyanm thederpypug
scoobyploos Are there any anime that are better than the manga? Comic books qais Syris sbury Anonymous SaveTheKupo
JerkenHoff Anybody wanna discuss/recommend any graphic novels to each other? Seems this... Comic books Wordofguy krynny PixieVixie Anonymous YouHaveItAllWrong
YouBastardsTookAllTheGoodNames One Punch Man, who else is in love with that show? Comic books GreenIsGo OneAndOnly2G raviolli77 twistedfox123 laughatallthethings
Skopps has anyone seen the trailer for the new Preacher tv show and if so what did... Comic books WhyAmIMakingThisAccountOhYesThatsWhy Carlos1815 ASHCROFTYAY
Thatoneguyfromthatonemovie What comic(s) are you reading now? Comic books Vronnyka wheretheresawilltheresaway WhyAmIMakingThisAccountOhYesThatsWhy ramo05 YouBastardsTookAllTheGoodNames
bicycleday66 Ive only just caught up with Saga and I need something to fill the void Comic books thecanadianwader ConsumerOfStories Schwabot bicycleday66
QuestionofLifetheUniverseandEverything Since it's not quite possible to buy comics where I live. Any advice where... Comic books ConsumerOfStories Tophatcrows baconandeggs PaulFranksMonkey
pennylanedc Marvel comics or DC comics? Comic books baconandeggs ForgottenAzreal TheSkeptic ChaotikWulf sirenx8
TheBritishAreComing If Wolverine can heal almost instantly, why has he got a belly button? Comic books baconandeggs JohnCheese superjenjen
Anonymous Can a light saber cut through adamantium? Comic books Fayte baconandeggs TheMadSupremacy
swaghettiyolonaise What's the worst superpower? Comic books baconandeggs VernardUlrich imyourzer0 Schwabot Vronnyka
Anonymous Do you think the Avengers take bets on how big the Hulk's penis is? Comic books rhetoricalsarvasm singast ForgottenAzreal VernardUlrich TheBritishAreComing
ChaotikWulf Who was your favorite evil ex and why? (Yes, Scott Pilgrim) Comic books Mrtinywolf AnAngryPacifist Owlgirl08 SinistralPrincess odelay321
TheBritishAreComing Who's faster The Flash or Sonic? Comic books gothnerd imortalmax jewelz996 asgaardianAxegrinder imyourzer0
PaulFranksMonkey What do you consider the "line" between a comic book and a graphic novel? Comic books Laurelespp RaskolnikovsAxe Aquilarden RoswellM TheSkeptic
ConsumerOfStories Marvel's rebooting their universe this year. Are there any characters you'd... Comic books Phalcone42 TheBritishAreComing