umaricandreamin WHAT SHOULD WE CALL SOSA CREDITS!? Social Savanna BubblesAndSuch dogsarethebest ayciate wowzies Ariathan
TheBritishAreComing Gaming servers Social Savanna ayciate WildCard007 HodorLebowski thebadtank mrvashoom358 StartingToExpectTheSpanishInquisition
toinanbe What's a good RPG game? Gaming toinanbe fred0ne Jackson209486
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe What's something that you consider a romantic gesture? Dating Jackson209486
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe What are some weird food habits you have? Food Jackson209486 423-608-5864
toinanbe If your SO is asleep, an his phone was open, would you go through it? Dating ahmedgreenmountainEpicEpicureArrestedsugartoinanbeMissNerdyGirl
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe What's your favourite (or worst) pick up line? Dating
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe What's the most useless fact you know? General ayciate fred0ne dogsarethebest
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe Which series/franchise is better? Gaming fred0neTheSireMrToegoSergeantKnickerlessArsewipeahmed
TheBritishAreComing Matt is a simulation Ask Matt Klaflefalumpf
TheBritishAreComing Would you become an AI? Fitness vorduul TheSire fred0ne TheBritishAreComingsalamiplastik
toinanbe If you could be the opposite sex for one day, would you do it? General MissNerdyGirldogsarethebesttoinanbefred0ne
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe What are your personal red flags when starting to date a person? Dating
umbrena Have you ever met anyone who was a third nipple? Sex pandatoastDigityDogumbrena
toinanbe Would you do drugs? Science ahmed dogsarethebestMeathammer88fred0neguntergrayblesGalvanaxGaming
TheBritishAreComing If you had intro music, what song would it be? Why? Music toinanbe
umbrena Do you have trouble sleeping after ingesting too much caffeine? Food ahmed TheBritishAreComingKlaflefalumpfDandaumbrenaAesiri
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe What's a basic skill or habit that you should have as an adult? General dogsarethebest QuantumShittingThroughTheNthDimension ahmed DigityDog
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe What's something that should be taught in schools/early education? General chapstyck1979 fred0ne
umbrena What is your least favourite chore? General vorduul ahmed fred0ne skyronwtr umbrena
toinanbe What is your customer horror story? General toinanbe marinedalek
HashtagShutUpIan Yes or No? General ahmed chapstyck1979umbrenafred0ne
umbrena Will @pandatoast have a second date? this is just to keep tabs Dating fred0neumbrenaahmedMoosecuntSupremeQuantumShittingThroughTheNthDimension
toinanbe Would you ever date someone older/younger than you? Dating HannesFury umbrena ahmed fred0neQuantumShittingThroughTheNthDimensionpandatoast
toinanbe If you had a rich SO, would you still work or no? Dating sjoerd umbrenachapstyck1979CannibalFoxtoinanbeQuantumShittingThroughTheNthDimension
umbrena My grocery store just started selling "ugly" vegetables for a lot... Food Arrestedsugar CaptTightScrubsMoosecuntSupremeQuantumShittingThroughTheNthDimensionumbrenaahmed
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe What's your favourite current song/track? Music QuantumShittingThroughTheNthDimension DigityDog
toinanbe What is your weird thing? General QuantumShittingThroughTheNthDimension
toinanbe What kind of underwear do guys like on girls? Sex QuantumShittingThroughTheNthDimension toinanbe Joe fred0ne ButtsPlease
umbrena What was the most disturbing movie you've ever watched? Movies QuantumShittingThroughTheNthDimension
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe When you were younger, what did you always want to be when you grew up? General ILALQ Digdug83 QuantumShittingThroughTheNthDimension ahmed chapstyck1979
toinanbe Ever had a coworker that did something that really annoyed you? General QuantumShittingThroughTheNthDimension
TheBritishAreComing You've got 1 day of air Dating
umbrena If you could pick one famous person (alive lul) to switch lives with, who... Television ahmed umbrena fred0ne dogsarethebest
toinanbe What is your favourite sauce to dip anything with? Food toinanbe AdmVonSchneider
umbrena Would you wear sock and sandals out in public? Ask Ena AdmVonSchneiderTheBritishAreComingfred0nekhazorathumbrenaahmed
umbrena What kind of gym/running shoes do you guys recommend? Fitness
toinanbe Do you eat the crust of a pizza? Food ILALQCapnKrunchytoinanbepandatoastTheBritishAreComingguntergraybles
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe What's a good name for a dog? Cats AdmVonSchneider ahmed dogsarethebest
umbrena If you could only eat pastas or rices forever, which would you choose? Food ahmedumbrenasalamiplastikpandatoastAdmVonSchneiderDigityDog
toinanbe Are you a tiddies person or are you a booties person? Sex WhatWillWeDoWithADrunkenSailorkiwibearCapnKrunchyYeee5dogsarethebesttoinanbe
toinanbe Who is your favourite Friends character? Television ahmedchapstyck1979toinanbemarinedalek
toinanbe If you could be in any movie/show, what movie/show would it be? Movies toinanbe ahmed BubblesAndSuch
umbrena What is your favourite US state? Politics dogsarethebest Impossibrew
umbrena 2020 Elections are coming up, if these were your two options who would you... Politics umbrena ahmed fred0ne TheBritishAreComingtheRoost3rWutTheFuckIsJuice
toinanbe If you were to suggest which phone OS to get to a beginner, which would it... Technology ahmed theRoost3rWutTheFuckIsJuicefred0ne
chapstyck1979 How do you take your coffee? Food ahmed BubblesAndSuchchapstyck1979theRoost3rTheBritishAreComingkiflica
umbrena How did you learn about the birds and the bees? Sex AdmVonSchneider ahmed
umbrena Do you watch/support any WWE? Sport AdmVonSchneider ahmed umbrena
umbrena Will you be playing the latest WoW expansion? Gaming fred0ne pandatoastumbrenaahmed
DigityDog would you play secret hitler right now? Gaming TheBritishAreComingDigityDogtheRoost3r
toinanbe US: If you could have the elections again with the same candidates, who... Politics Jax101AdmVonSchneidertoinanbetheRoost3r
TheSire Was Bill Clinton in a peach? Ask Matt theRoost3r
umbrena Is 30 too old to still dye your hair a whacky colour? Ask Ena ahmed nickoftime90fred0neBulletproofIdeasBlood
MissNerdyGirl What do you wrap around meat to make pigs in a blanket? Food Blooddarastachapstyck1979MissNerdyGirlTheSire
toinanbe In the honour of his death, what's your favourite Robin Williams movie? Movies TheBritishAreComing
toinanbe What "old-timey" game will you never get tired of playing? Gaming fred0ne
toinanbe What's your guilty pleasure song? Music
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe What's your favourite type of condiment? Food AdmVonSchneider
toinanbe What's the weirdest/greatest thing you found on the internet? Technology
DigityDog Should Matt be banned from existing thanos-style? Sex sjoerd DigityDogfred0neahmed92AdmVonSchneiderjustanothermick
toinanbe What first games do you suggest on getting on PS4? Gaming umbrena
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe What's your favourite food to cook? Food TheBritishAreComing
toinanbe Which celebrity would you go gay for? Movies
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe What movies do you want to see this year? Movies
umbrena Do you avoid eating certain foods before a big date? Dating AdmVonSchneiderumbrena
umbrena What is your favourite Pokemon? Gaming AdmVonSchneider MoosecuntSupreme Nanners
toinanbe Which is better for a console? Gaming dogsarethebest toinanbe Joe
Klaflefalumpf Who would fare best in the Hunger Games? Animals chapstyck1979dogsarethebestsqmiy
TheBritishAreComing Where do you sit? Politics HannesFury SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe What's your favourite eyeshadow palette? Clothing Arrestedsugar dogsarethebest
umbrena What singer/band/group irrationally anger you? Music fred0ne ahmed92
Anonymous 5characterslong Science BubblesAndSuchThisIsNotANameItsASandwich
dakapta Looking for podcasts Technology
TheBritishAreComing Is there anything you'd like to see in the apps? Social Savanna TheBritishAreComing justanothermick AdmVonSchneider ahmed92 cral
TheBritishAreComing What's your super hero name? Comic books TheBritishAreComing HodorLebowski BubblesAndSuch CowsGoMooALot BerkaDerka
toinanbe What movie doesn't make sense to you? Movies WutTheFuckIsJuice
thekamikazekid Are the Beatles over rated Music thekamikazekidBubblesAndSuchkhazorathTerrorific
umbrena What's your favourite song in a language that isn't English? Music justanothermick ahmed92 BubblesAndSuch
TheSire Is ALL pasta made using eggs with no exceptions? Ask Matt justanothermickahmed92BubblesAndSuchTheSire
johannemo your moms a color Science BubblesAndSuch toinanbeGueloMichaelovieCorrugatedSporkfred0ne
toinanbe What happened in your worst date ever? Dating BubblesAndSuch dogsarethebest
BubblesAndSuch Pick one Bruh Animals ahmed92DigityDogdogsarethebestArrestedsugarBubblesAndSuchSergeantKnickerlessArsewipe
guntergraybles should i buy a new laptop or computer Technology purplepotatoesahmed92toinanbedogsarethebest
umbrena Anyone got any good recommendations for a webcomic? Comic books Jax101 BubblesAndSuch fred0ne
WutTheFuckIsJuice ***Playstation Gamertags GO HERE*** Gaming WutTheFuckIsJuice TheBritishAreComing umbrena
ShotgunBetty So, which Captain is your Captain? Television AdmVonSchneiderShotgunBettyJax101SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe
MissNerdyGirl Who do you want to win? Sport WeatherbeeSirFondleButtChindawgjohannemoMissNerdyGirlpickle
toinanbe Who is your favourite movie/show villain? Movies desztracted toinanbe MissNerdyGirl
desztracted Roleplaying chatroom or event? Ask Ena
TheSire Is soup a meal Ask Matt TheBritishAreComingTheSirefred0ne
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe Do you think England will win todays match (11/07) Sport ImpossibrewDandaAdmVonSchneiderTheTrooperWithAFearOfTheDarkfred0ne
umbrena Who will win the World Cup? Sport umbrenapandatoastfred0ne
toinanbe What was your favourite old cartoon shows? (Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon)... Television Sepiaangel toinanbe
fred0ne For the fight ! Ask Matt fred0ne umbrena TheBritishAreComing
umbrena Have you ever weighed yourself before/after a poop? Fitness desztractedpandatoastumbrenaDandaahmed92
toinanbe What music streamer is better? Music Electricbirdtoinanbe
umbrena Do you play any mobile vidya games? Gaming dogsarethebest
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe What's something you're really proud of Ask Ena fred0ne
fred0ne What does Quebec remember ? Ask Ena umbrena fred0ne
umbrena What is the funniest/most ridiculous commercial you've seen on TV? Television
TheSire Despacito or Despaslotho? Ask Ena fred0ne umbrenaTheSire
umbrena Is Ena, Ena? Or has James taken over her account? Social Savanna ahmed92 umbrena TheBritishAreComingRhodderzTheDevilsAvocadoAdmVonSchneider
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe Do you prefer cats or dogs, and why? Cats ahmed92 TheBritishAreComing dogsarethebest
toinanbe What is your favourite classic movies? Movies ahmed92 fred0ne
dogsarethebest Who would make a better banner? Ask Matt ArbitraryAlpacaCannibalFoxspocktothehandahmed92NinjaSquirreldogsarethebest
lockslayer Math? Science fred0ne ArbitraryAlpacajustskyahmed92WutTheFuckIsJuicetoinanbe
toinanbe If you were to name your genitals, what would you call it? Sex gabrieldragulia lockslayer Yeee5 fred0ne dogsarethebest
TheBritishAreComing Would you like a SoSa teddy bear Social Savanna khazorathILikeRatsMoreThanCatspushingchildrenintotrafficahmed92
dogsarethebest If you were a dog what dog would you be? Animals NinjaSquirrel dogsarethebest MyLabrador pushingchildrenintotraffic DigityDog
toinanbe Who is your favourite Emma Stone? Movies fred0neCapnKrunchytoinanbeMissNerdyGirlahmed92WhatWillWeDoWithADrunkenSailor
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe If you won the lottery (let's say £2million), what would you do? Ask Ena TheBritishAreComing AdmVonSchneider
TheSire Press 'F' to respect whammen Ask Matt HannesFury dogsarethebestTheSireTheBritishAreComing
umbrena Share a picture of yourself for the SoSa wall in the bristol office! Social Savanna fred0ne
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe Which is the best spiderman Movies fred0ne Aesiridogsarethebest
umbrena What song is stuck in your head this week? Music ahmed92
pushingchildrenintotraffic are you cool? Cats TheBritishAreComing dogsarethebestBerkaDerkaTheTrooperWithAFearOfTheDarkahmed92khazorath
umbrena Who is your favourite team for the 2018 World Cup? Sport pushingchildrenintotraffic justanothermick ahmed92
toinanbe What's a good playlist to listen to when on a road trip? Music
TheSire Would you like a nug? Did you not choose the Nug Life? Did the Nug Life... Ask Matt fred0neAesiriStorm1211dogsarethebestCapnKrunchyTheSire
DigityDog pooooooooop Politics fred0ne dogsarethebestSirFondleButtlyallblakfangpushingchildrenintotrafficAesiri
toinanbe Please link me songs you want me to listen to Music fred0ne
toinanbe Where are you on the Kinsey scale? Sex marinedalekTheTrooperWithAFearOfTheDarkPatchesJoeKlaflefalumpfQuantumShittingThroughTheNthDimension
TheBritishAreComing Why is Sepiaangel being so mean to Jems today Social Savanna TheBritishAreComingfred0neArrestedsugarahmed92
TheSire Do you think people should have the choice when it comes to organ donation... Ask Matt ahmed92 TheSire SirFondleButtfred0neTheBritishAreComingArrestedsugar
umbrena If you were given the opportunity to go into space and be one of the first... Science ahmed92umbrenachapstyck1979fred0neILikeRatsMoreThanCats
DigityDog Baby or STD for 5 years Sex TheBritishAreComingdogsarethebestCaptainTwirlahmed92
toinanbe Would you buy a sex robot? Sex TheBritishAreComingDigityDogfred0nejustanothermickBartimaeusbadahmed92
umbrena How many SoSa credits do you have? Social Savanna fred0ne Arrestedsugar CowsGoMooALot QuantumShittingThroughTheNthDimension Digdug83
toinanbe What is your fetish? Sex toinanbe QuantumShittingThroughTheNthDimension dogsarethebest chapstyck1979
TheBritishAreComing Super Morbidly Obese help Fitness umbrena Klaflefalumpfayciate
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe What's a weird (true) medical fact that you know? Science dogsarethebest ahmed92
TheBritishAreComing HAVE YOU READ OUR PRIVACY POLICY Social Savanna justskyCowsGoMooALotWhatWillWeDoWithADrunkenSailorStuckesahmed92fred0ne
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe if you were the leader of a country what 1 law would you enact Politics fred0ne ahmed92
TheBritishAreComing Should Ena always start the day by hugging James? Ask Ena umbrenaTheBritishAreComingjustskychelsieusdogsarethebestahmed92
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe Is it too hot? Ask Ena SergeantKnickerlessArsewipeitsmekikiyesyesshoopdanwoopILikeRatsMoreThanCatsDigityDogumbrena
umbrena What is a guilty pleasure TV show, you probably know is terrible but can't... Television Emollama CannibalFox Sloth
TheSire Do I have permission to fight @omikone. And probably kill Ask Matt MissNerdyGirlTheSireayciateILikeRatsMoreThanCatsAdmVonSchneider
TheBritishAreComing Discussions Social Savanna thekamikazekidumbrenaILikeRatsMoreThanCatsfred0neTheBritishAreComingcral
dogsarethebest Should we kick sopeh? Ask Ena chapstyck1979 dogsarethebest blacksheepcannibalumbrenathekamikazekidTheprincessbride
umbrena If you buy underwear from the store/online, do you wash it before wearing... Clothing heyitsmeerikimyourzer0dogsarethebestfred0neahmed92Alfouginn
TheBritishAreComing Have you voted for us? Social Savanna Sloth ahmed92 DasIstVeryNice fallenlionchapstyck1979imyourzer0
toinanbe Would you give up your gun(s)? Politics fred0ne StandardDeviantCowsGoMooALotWhatWillWeDoWithADrunkenSailorimyourzer0
dogsarethebest Do you like dogs or cats more? Animals fred0ne chapstyck1979 dogsarethebest imyourzer0ayciateheyitsmeerik
justanothermick Which would you fight? Animals imyourzer0umbrenaArrestedsugarAdmVonSchneiderImpossibrewjustanothermick
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe What's your "guilty pleasure" tv show or film? Television ayciate dogsarethebest imyourzer0
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe What are your favourite pet names (dogs/cats/snakes/rats/etc) Animals imyourzer0 fred0ne Arrestedsugar ahmed92
TheBritishAreComing Android bug time again Social Savanna TheBritishAreComing Rhodderz Danda thekamikazekid Sloth
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe What are peoples current fav tv shows? Television dogsarethebest
ayciate The Dogs of Sosa! Animals Klaflefalumpf ayciate
toinanbe I have a new laptop, please give me (some) wallpaper for it! Technology toinanbe ayciate fred0ne DigityDog
toinanbe Have you ever switched from one operating system to another? What OS and how... Technology fred0ne ahmed92 toinanbe
thekamikazekid Should frogginbullfish stop making Polls about Pants Clothing Tommythetankengine
TheBritishAreComing Tell me about a recent dream Fitness
triscat Is Salem a good name for a black cat? Cats thekamikazekid slimySumoCowWutTheFuckIsJuiceahmed92triscatumbrena
TheBritishAreComing What colour should i dye my hair? Fitness fred0ne MyslBo dogsarethebestthekamikazekidRhodderzAriathan
Anonymous Was George W Bush an Ancient Alien ? Science MyslBo TheBritishAreComing kaminaljuyu ahmed92kptkrunkVronnyka
NotTheDroidYouAreLookingFor Are kids demons? Politics MyslBo jsureshbabuLilifiannVronnykaahmed92SunbearW
umbrena Is Finland even a real country? Politics MyslBo AdmVonSchneiderBartley92slimySumoCowFuzzy93ICantHearSilence
toinanbe Would you pet a big danger cat? Cats MyslBo emperorofjuiceepicszoofred0netoinanbeahmed92
ahmed92 which novels or books u read it and make u cry ?? Books umbrena MyslBo ahmed92 dogsarethebest
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe What's the best Star Trek tv series? Television ChristopherChristensen theRoost3r TheBritishAreComing ShotgunBettySergeantKnickerlessArsewipeherrvonstieren
epicszoo flu remedies Science Joe TheBritishAreComing
TheBritishAreComing Ants vs Bears Animals toinanbeVronnykachelsieusPeanutemperorofjuiceepicszoo
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe Photographers of SoSa Technology ahmed92
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe What phone do you have? Technology ayciate fred0ne wowzies ahmed92 QuantumShittingThroughTheNthDimension
umbrena What would you do in this situation? Technology SimonPeggMe TheBritishAreComing
umbrena Who is your favourite super hero and why? Comic books dogsarethebest ahmed92 fred0ne
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe What's your favourite book series? Books squints1404 blackscienceman Otherstuffisnotasfun jskskj trashpanda
TheBritishAreComing What's your highest rating imgur post? Technology thekamikazekid Digdug83 TheBritishAreComing
cral should sergea make dinner Politics chelsieuskhazorathkptkrunkcralTheGooseKnowsBest
toinanbe Does your doctor's gender matter? Science johannemoVronnykapandatoastchelsieusjustanothermickSlenderPuvel
FrogginBullfish Send Thanos Infinity War memes. Kthx Comic books toinanbe
toinanbe What's a good series to start? Television johannemo toinanbe
TheBritishAreComing What kind of pet have you already dreamt of? Animals Callielizz WhatWillWeDoWithADrunkenSailor TheBritishAreComing dogsarethebest